"Onward and Upward"

Fashion has evolved tenfold in the last decade. With fads coming in and out of style as fast as a horse at the Kentucky Derby, staying still is fashion suicide. The world of eyewear is no different. Lately I've been noticing more and more people coming in with the same opening line; "Show me what the most current styles are". Not necessarily the first thing traditionally said. 
Traditionally, choosing your glasses was based largely on functionality and comfort. The selection of frames in dispensaries was definitely driven by a medical sense more than anything else. Now, oh the beautiful, colorful now. Now, coming in to an eyewear boutique such as ours is more a kin to a feast. 
You have a smorgasbord of choices completely on trend with the latest and greatest fashions. From Tom Ford to Chloe to Dolce&Gabbana, all of the eyewear is nothing short of artwork. 
I could go on forever, but, I will just leave you all with this tidbit: Your glasses sit on your face. The first thing anyone sees. Remember to wear them with pride!